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After purchasing a cabinet with standard, factory fitted knobs, a large amount of people look to change the knobs for something slightly different. Whether it's personal taste or to fit in with the design of the room, there are many options available.

One of the most popular styles available is of the underhand form. These are designed so the opener of the drawer simply places their hand under the knob and pulls back slightly, releasing the cabinet drawer and allowing it to be opened fully.

Underhand units can be fitted to most types of cabinet and simply require two holes to be drilled into the cabinet drawer, a set width apart (as described on the instructions that come with the knob). The two screws provided are then placed through the unit and are screwed into the pre-made holes until secure.

One reason why people look at the different options available is to spruce up the look of an old or dilapidated cabinet. Many people are surprised at how rejuvenated and new a cabinet can appear after a clean with a good quality furniture cleaner and fixed with brand new cabinet knobs. For example, an old wooden cabinet that has been left in the attic and unused for many years can be turned very easily into a piece of furniture that would suit even the most modern looking of homes. After cleaning thoroughly and treating the cabinet with an appropriate solution, removing the old units should be the next priority. This is generally an easy task as if the cabinet drawer is opened, screws holding the current units in place are often visible and can be easily unscrewed.

Once the old ones have been removed, deciding on what to replace them with can often be the most difficult part of the project. Whether searching online or offline, there are thousands of different designs available. Ranging in everything from size and colour to price and fittings, there will be a suitable style for the cabinet that is being modified - it may just take a short amount of time to find the most appropriate and affordable option for the specific cabinet.

There are many options available to anyone who is looking to replace existing hardware because they are, for example, broken or aesthetically unappealing. With the extensive range available online and in many hardware stores, a new set of knobs can change the look of a cabinet completely, making it appropriate for use in any room of the house.

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Cabinet Knob Options

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This article was published on 2010/04/02