Cabinet Refacing and Cabinet Refinishing

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Do you want to give your kitchen a new look without draining your bank accounts to do so? Are you trying to find ways to increase the value of your Bay Area home so that you will get better offers if you ever decide to sell your home? Don't forget about your kitchen cabinets. They are a visible part of your kitchen and they deserve some attention. Cabinet refacing in San Francisco or refinishing kitchen cabinets are alternatives to cabinet replacement, and both are much less expensive ways of enhancing the appearance of your kitchen cabinets.

The way your cabinets look has a great effect on the overall appearance of your kitchen. If you have old, worn-out cabinets, your kitchen will look old and worn-out. Keep in mind, however, that it is more than likely the exterior surfaces of the cabinets that need work and not the overall structure or the boxes. Cabinet refacing in San Francisco, as well as cabinet refinishing, will deal with the exterior surfaces while leaving the overall structure intact. Your cabinets will get a new look without all the work and cost that comes with cabinet replacement.

Refinishing your cabinets is less expensive than cabinet refacing in San Francisco. It is done by either staining or painting the cabinet doors and other exposed parts of the cabinetry. You can considerably change the appearance of your cabinets by doing this. It can also be done relatively easy by yourself, so you can save money on labor costs. As in any case, though, it's best to consult with professionals and even allow them to do the job if you don't have the time or skills to do it on your own.

Cabinet refacing in San Francisco is more expensive than cabinet refinishing but is still far less expensive than cabinet replacement. It is a process by which old cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and new ones are put in their place. The surfaces of the new doors and drawer covers can range from wood veneer to laminate. You can also rework the inside of the cabinets to make them look new to go with the new look of the refaced cabinets.

In any project dealing with cabinetry, don't forget about the cabinet hardware. The handles and knobs have a big effect on the overall appearance of your cabinets and people will notice if they don't match. While cabinet refacing in San Francisco or refinishing cabinets, take the opportunity to assess the quality of existing hardware. If your old hardware is in good condition and matches the new style of your cabinets, save yourself some money and reuse them.

Whether you decide on cabinet refacing in San Francisco or cabinet refinishing, you can be sure that you are spending less money and time than you would on a cabinet replacement project. Cabinet refacing in San Francisco is more expensive than cabinet refinishing, but it will give your cabinets a completely different look. To be sure the project is done correctly, contact one of the many professionals in San Francisco and get your cabinets refaced to give your kitchen a stunning new look.

Cabinet Refacing San Francisco
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Cabinet Refacing and Cabinet Refinishing

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This article was published on 2010/11/05