Creating a New You With Expressive Cabinet Hardware

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Everything from the color to the shape of your cabinet hardware has the ability to communicate a message about you. Use this subtle form of expression to tell the world what they need to know at a glance. If you're not sure where to start, here are a few ideas.

Finishes: Just for fun, let's start at the finish. Are you a bold and beautiful type or a more conservative styler? While most finishes can really swing either way, you can certainly use your cabinet hardware finish to convey a message. Black cabinet hardware can be an obvious statement of good taste, whether it is in a sleek, contemporary office or a matte black living room. Glass is a popular trend, and if you are the up to the minute type of person, glass cabinet hardware is for you. Finally, polished finishes such as polished chrome or brass cabinet pulls and knobs will secure your reputation as a 21st century vogue trend setter. The bright, metallic surface is fresh and will bring new air into the room.

Antique, weathered, distressed and brushed finishes create an entirely different effect. These are more rustic, old world or vintage finishes for you cabinet hardware. For example, a set of oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls tell the world that you are into the rich flavor of aged beauty. These finishes work well in period homes, as well, for pulling of a genuine period feel.

There are also several neutral finishes that can be pulled any direction based on their surroundings. Cabinet hardware finishes can also be chosen according to your appliances, countertops, cabinet face and floors. After all, a job worth doing is worth doing right, so let continuity carry your theme all the way home.

In general, you should choose a finish for your cabinet hinges that will go along with the rest of the cabinet hardware. So, if you have satin nickel cabinet pulls, knobs, and backplates, satin nickel is your best bet for the cabinet hinges too.

Cabinet Pulls: Both cabinet pulls and knobs are fabulously easy tools for self-expression. From whimsical characters such as the popular Betsy Fields collection, to the ultra-minimalist bar pull, cabinet pulls have the nuances it takes to really define your personality. Do you like light and airy karma? Then smooth glass pulls in shades of blue or green will greet you pleasantly. If you prefer a substantial feeling to your cabinet pulls, try a cup pull or substantial Dover latch handle. As mentioned, Betsey Fields, as well as Amerock, Belwith and other companies, embraces a little humor in life by fashioning cabinet pulls and knobs in various forms. This can range from a clever fork, knife and spoon set of cabinet pulls for the kitchen to aquatic cabinet pulls for the bath and more. Once you start with these attractive cabinet pulls and knobs, there is no end to the possibilities, so let loose and have fun.

Cabinet Hinges: Cabinet hinges are little thought of details that don't have to be empty space in the décor sense. Using every nuance of your cabinet hardware is how you will make the biggest impact on your overall design theme. You will obviously have to start by figuring out which cabinet hinges you need for you cabinets. Once you've decided this, you can sift through the various styles until you find the one you like. A face mount hinge offers you intentional exposure of these cabinet hinges so you can make a style statement. Strap hinges will highly decorative hinges that announce themselves clearly. Usually made from wrought iron, or finished to appear that way, these cabinet hinges have lots of personality to go around. Other cabinet hinges are subtler, only showing off the decorative knuckle or none of the hinge at all. Choose the style you prefer or conceal your cabinet hinges entirely if this goes more with your personality.

Finally, go in for the finishing touches. Under cabinet lighting is one of those cherry-on-top pieces that can really push your kitchen over the top. Move over, Jones'. There are many others such as switch plate covers, kitchen organizers, and drawer dividers that will either embellish the theme or assist you in maintaining order so your décor will not be disturbed. Remember, cabinet hardware is not in the least bit limited to the kitchen. Bathroom cabinet hardware is a great way to transform a dull or worn out bathroom into a classy or trendy restroom. Bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms also require cabinet hardware to make them run, so why not use decorative cabinet hardware to create or maintain a specific style or theme in every room of the house?

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Creating a New You With Expressive Cabinet Hardware

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This article was published on 2010/07/07