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For the landlord or property owner, buying any replacements for rental and leased units can be a costly affair. So when it comes time to replace one of the bathroom cabinets, it’s a good idea to do some shopping around for a bargain. Cabinets have very few moving parts so it’s more than likely a discount line may work in terms of cost, as well as reliability.

Discounted lines don’t necessarily translate to a cheap or unreliable product. Some styles of cabinets may simply have been discontinued and the cost reduced to 70% or less of the original retail price in order to attract buyers, and avoid manufacturing losses.

However, the records show some discounted bathroom vanities, especially those with an integral top and sink bowl, are indeed less than a desirable replacement. These are often fabricated from cheap particleboard rather than a medium grade of laminate wood. With these, any excess of water on one or more occasion will permanently damage the cabinet.

Finding a discounted style at a time when one or more bathroom cabinet needs to be replaced could be a big money saver. A property owner could certainly store extra cabinets away and use them as a replacement as the need arises.

For the individual, the cost and reliability considerations are the same however, the problem might be in finding discounted cabinets that match a decor. Many bathroom vanity units are sold with Corian or simulated Granite counter tops, and the color or tone of these materials might be a good blend, or it might not.

Fortunately, if one is looking for a cabinet to install over a toilet, the counter top issue would not be a concern. This would be the same with any full-height bathroom cabinets, such as a linen or accessory cabinet. Here again, discounted cabinets may be the bargain they are advertised to be, so long as the tone of the finish and the style of appearance is pleasing to the buyer.

There are likely more than a few ways to locate outlets that carry, or will soon offer discounted bathroom cabinets. Newspaper ads, home center publications and even those annoying flyers that one finds in their screen door or mailbox may list a sale bargain.

A good visual inspection of any bathroom cabinet will often disclose whether a cabinet has reliability or not. Open the drawers and inspect the hinges and hardware. If the cabinet has a sound feel about it, it will likely serve your purposes.

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Discount Bathroom Cabinets

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This article was published on 2010/12/18