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Based in Muscatine, Iowa; the HON Company was originally started in 1944 under the company title of Home-O-Nize Co. In 1955, Home-O-Nize decided to maximize it’s focus on office supplies and business furniture, so they launched a separate division for those goods. They also elected to construct a new brand for the new department so this division became called H-O-N (Home-O-Nize). Since that time, HON has grown to become an industry leader in the business furniture industry.

The HON Company saw a need for office organization so the first HON file cabinet was produced in 1955 and was then known as the “Unifile”. The success of this cabinet model led to the creation of other varied cabinets including a variation of the filing cabinets that are seen still today.

Skip forward to today and HON is the industry leader in the filing cabinet industry. They offer over 500 different filing cabinets in assorted configurations and colors. Here are a few important points to understand before looking for a cabinet:

Lateral filing cabinets – Lateral filing cabinets are also referred to as horizontal filing cabinets. Most lateral filing cabinets are around 20 inches deep, and generally come in widths of 30, 36, or 42 inches. They also come in 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawer versions. The 2 drawer models work best in smaller places like an office cubicle. HON produces quite a few lateral file models in order to meet any need. All their lateral models have leveling glides, super quiet ball bearings, and a single drawer lock that secures all the drawers. The HON model 500, 600, or 800 series are fantastic selections in this style.

Vertical filing cabinets – The vertical filing cabinet was designed in 1898 by Edwin Seibels. In a vertical filing cabinet, the drawers are stored vertically rather than laterally so vertical filing cabinets are taller than most laterals. Vertical filing cabinets are made out of wood or metal and generally are available in 2, 3, or 4 drawers. The steel 4 drawer model is regarded as the popular version among the vertical style cabinets. HON is the leading maker of vertical filing cabinets globally. All HON vertical filing cabinets have a reinforced case, drawers that have a full extension, and nylon rollers for smooth and snag free drawer movement. The HON 530 and 310 series are typically the most popular vertical models that HON offers.

As HON continues to grow their line, they have paid attention to customer comments. Consequently, HON is now offering cabinets in a number of assorted colors and finishes. With all the available styling options, HON can provide a cabinet to meet nearly any office colors.

In case you are searching for a new filing cabinet, give the HON line a look as they produce great cabinets at reasonable prices with excellent support.

Purchasing a file cabinet isn’t an easy expenditure as they aren’t cheap and there are numerous different models to choose from. Prior to making a final choice, give some serious thought to a HON file cabinet as they quite simply are recognized as the top dog in the file cabinet market. To learn more about HON and why they are the best value, click here: HON Filing Cabinets.

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Hon File Cabinets

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This article was published on 2010/09/29